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Does Chlorine Kill Lice?

Does Chlorine Kill Lice?

With another school year over, parents and children are excited to join in the summer fun! Parents, however, often begin to wonder more about how their child’s many summer activities can affect their risk for head lice. In fact, with the arrival of summer, we often come across many parents who begin to wonder if swimming can lessen or increase their child’s risk for head lice, specifically, “can chlorine kill lice?” or “can you get lice from a pool?” In today’s article, we will answer these questions and more so that you can allow your child to splash with peace of mind.

Does Chlorinated Pool Water Kill Lice?

Many parents hope that their child’s quick dip in the pool will not only remedy summer boredom, but also rid them of lice. In fact, one of the most common “home remedy attempts” we encounter during the summer months is the attempted use of pool water to kill lice. Unfortunately, research has shown that chlorinated water will not kill lice. In a 2007 study, lice were found to become temporarily immobilized after submersion in chlorinated water for 20 minutes, however the lice recovered after being taken out of the water. This means that while the dip in the pool may feel refreshing—it doesn’t actually kill lice.

Can You Get Lice from a Pool?

The second most common misconception about lice and swimming pools comes from concerned parents wondering if lice can spread from child to child in a pool. Lice do not swim in water, and so they cannot swim from one person’s head to another. They can, however, still crawl. This means that accessories such as hats, goggles, swim caps, brushes, or towels for drying wet hair should not be shared. For this reason, if your child has lice, it may be best to avoid group trips to the pool with other children until they have had a full course of treatment. If, however, they are not swimming with other children or are in a private pool, there is no risk of lice lingering in the pool water and later attaching themselves to someone else.

Fast and Chemical-Free Lice Removal

At Lice Clinics of America, our professional technicians take a safe, effective, and affordable approach to lice treatment that won’t interfere with your child’s summer fun! We stop lice in their tracks using our AirAllé® heat machine, a completely safe FDA-cleared medical device. AirAllé® kills lice and lice eggs through dehydration, and a single one-hour treatment kills head lice and 99.2% of lice eggs. Because the AirAllé® device is so effective at killing lice eggs (which are difficult for traditional lice products to kill), the likelihood of your child needing a follow-up treatment is less than 1%. And best of all, AirAllé® does not interfere with your child’s ability to swim or enjoy other summer activities after treatment! To learn more about our list of services and featured products, contact us at one of our West Palm Beach and Treasure Coast locations today!

Microscopic view of a louse

What Are Super Lice?

If you’ve dealt with lice lately or are dealing with a head lice problem then I’m sure you’ve heard the term super lice. There seems to be a lot of confusion around these tiny creatures though and exactly what makes them super. Are they bigger than regular lice? Are super lice a totally different type of lice than normal lice? What exactly sets them apart from their normal lice counterparts seems to be a question on every concerned individuals mind, but no worries Lice Clinics of America is here to break things down and help you tackle super lice.

So what just does make super lice so super? Over the years as head lice was treated with over the counter prescriptions and pesticides certain lice offspring began building a resistance to common lice pesticides and are no longer affected by them, much like antibiotic resistant bacteria. The overexposure over time of pesticidal head lice treatments led to a strain of lice that could resist the effects of the treatments. Super lice are the exact same size as regular lice and are indistinguishable from their counterparts other than the fact they will be the ones left alive after a chemical treatment.

Super lice carry the same symptoms and spread the same way as normal head lice. To prevent an infestation you should be sure to avoid the following: head to head contact, sharing clothing or hats, sharing hairbrushes or pillows, and furniture an infected person has rested their head on. Symptoms can include a tickling or moving sensation on your head and neck, itching your head, neck, or ears, red bumps on your head, neck or shoulders, and seeing the actual lice on your head or clothing.

Despite the chemical resistance of super lice there are still plenty safe and effective ways to treat them and be lice free again. There are still a few chemical treatments that most super lice are not immune to that can be used upon proper research and doctors prescription. You can also have your hair nit picked and lice combed. Lice Clinics of America’s preferred option is our Airalle device, a FDA-approved treatment that removes lice by heating your hair and dehydrating them for a chemical free lice removal. This offers you a fast, chemical free option to rid both normal and super lice. We also back with a guarantee to ensure your satisfaction and return to a lice free life! Super lice can be tough to get rid of but we’ve found a safe and effective way to beat them and have you back to your daily routine.

Lice Clinics of America – West Palm Beach and Stuart is one of more than 350 Lice Clinics of America treatment centers in more than 36 countries. Lice Clinics of America is the largest and fastest growing network of professional head lice treatment centers in the world. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit, email, or call (833) 363-5423.

lca west palm beach lice clinics florida hair styles to prevent head lice

Hairstyles to Help Prevent Head Lice

Head lice is most easily spread through head to head contact, in fact over 90% of lice infestations result from direct contact. Keeping your hair up high and tight can be one of the best ways to prevent head lice. Head to head or hair to hair contact is the most common way lice is spread by touching heads together while taking photos, hugging, or sharing a pillow. Lice do not jump but crawl to the new hosts hair and begin to lay new eggs. Only fertile female lice can infect a new host as they are the only lice that can lay new eggs and continue to cause an infestation and spread more lice. Keeping your hair up and out of the way can be one of the simplest and best preventative methods to avoid head lice. Here are some easy hair styles to help prevent head lice:




A common braid can be sophisticated and is easy to do even on your own. A braid keeps long hair pulled back and contained so that it does not easily come in contact with another student’s or friend’s hair. There are many types of braids that can work for all types of hair and ages. The common braid, a French braid, a fish tail braid, or a crown braid are all excellent hair styles to keep your hair up and out of the way of others. Any braid type that keeps your hair pulled back and contained is perfect for helping to prevent your contact with head lice.




A bun keeps all of your hair gathered together and pulled back out of your face, also a great style for keeping it away from lice. There are several types of buns that you can do to keep your hair up. For a sleek clean style, a ballerina bun may be best and for a more relaxed style a messy bun may be better for you. A softer low neck bun can still be just as effective and give a different look from the high bun on top of your head. Adding a twist or curl to your hair and placing the bun in different places on your head can give you many options and style choices, all while being effective in preventing head lice.




Of course there is always a good old ponytail to keep your hair pulled back out of your face and out of the way of coming in contact with head lice. While a ponytail doesn’t offer as much protection as the other styles since the hair isn’t completely tied back and contained. Still a high and tight pony tail can be a simple a stylish option. There are also many options of ponytails themselves from a high and tight pony to low side pony or perhaps pigtails even.

There are many steps to preventing head lice from becoming a problem in your life but keeping your hair from coming in contact with someone with head lice in their hair is one of the simplest and easiest ways. From children to adults these hair styles can fit every lifestyle and individuals personal style. At Lice Clinics of America, we work hard to help you prevent lice and offer the latest in head lice treatment techniques. Our technicians are trained professionals and can treat your lice infestation safely and without chemicals, they can even give excellent advice on lice prevention.

Lice Clinics of America – West Palm Beach and Stuart is one of more than 350 Lice Clinics of America treatment centers in more than 36 countries. Lice Clinics of America is the largest and fastest growing network of professional head lice treatment centers in the world. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit, email, or call (833) 363-5423.

LCA West Palm Beach Lice Clinics of Florida how to avoid head lice at summer camp

How to Avoid Head Lice at Summer Camp

Spring is well under way and summer is fast approaching, with the end of the school year nearing summer camp plans are at the fore front. Finding the perfect summer camp for your child can help them gain confidence, build friendships, and establish independence.

Camp can be the experience of a lifetime but can also be a breading ground for head lice should there be an out break at the camps facilities. Lice Clinics of America wants to help keep your kid safe and enjoying their summer with a few tips on they can avoid lice camp and treat it fast if it does affect them.

How Lice Spread

The best way to avoid lice is to know how lice is spread and stay clear. The biggest myth surrounding head lice is that it can jump head to head, lice can not jump. Lice rely primarily on head to head contact for transferal as they can only survive for one to two days without a human host.

Warn your children that if a lice outbreak should occur to avoid sharing bunks, pillows, hair accessories, hats, etc. They should also be careful to avoid head to head contact which can be common during many summer activities and sports. Remind children to still have fun but be careful and stay safe.

Watch for the First Signs

Teach your children the early signs of head lice so that if they do come in contact they can be treated at the first sign. Itching is often the most common sign of head lice, while it can often be a sign of other issues such as sunburn and dry scalp it is still important to check if itching arises. Red bumps can also appear on the scalp and neck area as lice bite and feed off of the hosts blood. Be sure your child knows to alert counselors and staff if any scalp conditions appear. A crawling sensation on the scalp can be a sure sign of head lice and your child should seek immediate attention.

Treating Head Lice

Should your child’s camp end up with a head lice break out and your child become effected Lice Clinics of America can help. We offer a variety of treatments including the one of a kind FDA approved AirAlle treatment. The AirAlle treatment is a heated head lice treatment that removes both lice and nits without the use of harsh chemicals. We can have your child lice free in 60 minutes or less and back to enjoying all the summer camp fun.

Lice Clinics of America – West Palm Beach and Stuart is one of more than 350 Lice Clinics of America treatment centers in more than 36 countries. Lice Clinics of America is the largest and fastest growing network of professional head lice treatment centers in the world. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit, email, or call (833) 363-5423.

Top 8 head lice questions and answers for September head lice prevention month at Lice Clinics of America -West Palm Beach and Stuart

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Lice infestation wearing a santa hat during the back to school season.

Beware of lice infestations during the back to school season. Learn more at Lice Clinics of America – West Palm Beach and Stuart

Back to School – Keep Stuart, Wellington, and Jupiter, FL Lice Free

If you have a child(ren) headed back to school soon in Stuart, Wellington, or Jupiter, FL, you will want to add ‘check my child’s head’ to your back to school to-do list. Having your child’s head checked by a trained professional for head lice before they go back to school will save you time and money.

Smiling lice removal technicians wearing bright green scrubs

Lice Clinics of America in West Palm Beach and Stuart, FL recommends getting your child’s head checked for lice by a trained professional a couple weeks before school starts because children are the ones most susceptible to getting lice in the first place. Back to school means your child(ren) will be amongst a lot more children and more often than during the summer. It is these close encounters that make spreading lice a lot easier, as 97% of head lice cases are spread by head to head contact. Additionally, according to the FDA 6 to 12 million children in the US are infested with head lice each year. Make sure your child(ren) isn’t a part of these itchy statistics.

If your child does test positive for lice you will have enough time to effectively get rid of the lice before school even starts with our 3-step process, including our exclusive warm air technology which is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and their eggs. We would hate for you to waste your time and money on systems that don’t work. Traditional drug store products no longer work because Super Lice have adapted and are pesticide resistant. We have performed over 200,000 treatments with less than a 1% re-treatment rate–our system works.

Before your child(ren) starts school this fall in Stuart, Wellington, or Jupiter, FL do yourself, your child(ren), and other classmates a favor to get their head checked for lice. It will put your mind at ease if they don’t have it and you, as well as, everyone else around you will be extremely thankful if you did catch the head lice in time!


Mother and daughter are doing hair and having fun. Mother and daughter doing your hair after receiving an AirAlle treatment.

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