LCA West Palm Beach 3 common ways adults get head lice

3 Common Ways Adults Get Head Lice

As adults it always seems to be a shock when we or someone of our age has head lice. We think of lice as the nasty critters that plagued our childhood classrooms not our adulthood. Unfortunately, head lice don’t see age and can affect adults just as much as children.

Adults do have a few advantages though when fighting off lice infestations. They tend to be more hygienic and aware of the threat at hand making it easier to for adults to stay diligent and take steps to avoiding lice. Here are 3 common ways adults get head lice so you can be aware and avoid them in the future:

  1. Direct Contact

Direct head to head contact is the most common way head lice spread. Lice cannot jump or fly but instead crawl, so when our heads are in close contact it is easiest for the lice to move to a new host. Think of things like hugging, laying on the floor with friends or kids, or being in a crowded space. Any of these instances where your hair or heads brush together allow the lice to move from one host to the next.

  1. Sharing

Sharing is usually caring, except when head lice are involved. Items like scarves, hair accessories, hats, jackets, or hoodies can all help transfer head lice. During times of outbreaks it’s best not to share items and even still, it’s best to bring your own or check items before use. Lice can live up to 24 hours out of human hair in the proper conditions and items like these can easily transfer them from person to person.

  1. Our Families

We love our families and especially as the adult in the household it’s our responsibility to take care of them even when they have head lice. Children or other family members with lice is one of the leading causes of outbreaks in the entire family, adults included. To avoid this, it’s best to follow the above rules. Avoid head to head or direct contact until they are clear of lice. Do not share items that they have encountered and be sure to clean thoroughly. You can find proper head lice cleaning tips here. It’s hard not to hold and comfort your loved one in tough times, but lice can be easily taken care of and Lice Clinics of America is here for you!

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