LCA West Palm Beach Head Lice Don't Hop like the Easter Bunny

Lice Don’t Hop Like the Easter Bunny

Head lice are annoying little creatures that often plague our homes at the most inopportune times. The thought of head lice often is enough to make peoples head begin to itch. Their ability to spread and infest entire families or even schools is frightening and causes a great deal of anxiety, but the fact is if we took care to learn their habits, we could do a lot to prevent their spread.

Lice Don’t Hop

Lice are only like the Easter Bunny in the fact that they bring eggs with them. Head lice will not hop along to the next host or jump head to head, they can only crawl. You must come in contact with the lice for them to latch on and infest. Direct head to head contact is the easiest and most common way head lice spread. Coming in contact with a surface or object the lice are on can lead to an infestation but is less likely as lice can not live long without a host to feed off.

How to Prevent the Spread

If lice aren’t hopping down the bunny trail but instead are crawling it makes preventing them much easier! By keeping our head and hair out of contact with others we can help prevent the lice from crawling in and infesting. Be cautious of your personal space and limit direct contact during outbreaks. Don’t share items or clothing that touch your head or hair. Hats, hoodies, jackets, brushes, and hair accessories are all examples of items that could potentially transfer lice. Talk to your family and children about the importance of keeping these items to themselves. Wear hair up in ponytails, updos, or hats to keep it out of the way.

How to Treat Lice

Should the lice find a way in, it’s best to remember to keep calm and that it’s not your fault! Head lice happens to everyone and we are here to help! At Lice Clinics to America we will hop to it and get you the best care and advice! Our signature AirAlle device removes both lice and their eggs (nits) in 60 minutes or less. It’s chemical free and best of all is backed by our lice free guarantee! Technicians are trained, knowledgeable, and ready to help you get back to your everyday life!

If you have any questions or need a head lice removal treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Lice Clinics of America – West Palm & Stuart which proudly service Treasure Coast, Palm City, and surrounding areas, we are here to help! Our heated removal process guarantees to remove head lice in 1 quick and safe treatment! Let your kids and family members get back to the things they enjoy! Call us today to schedule an appointment at (833) END-LICE !